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5 Reasons for Website Videography

With videos being all the rage, many clients are evaluating if, when and how they should incorporate videography into their websites.  In order for website owners to gain a clearer picture as to the benefits of video, I have broken out the benefits of website videography into 5 key benefits.

1. Gain Search Engine Visibility with Online Videography

Numerous local businesses have  been able to have professionally produced videos to incorporate into their online marketing portfolio, and as a result they have seen increased search engine visibility.  There are a variety of reasons as to why businesses see an increase in search engine optimization and traffic as a result of videos being posted online.

a. Google is heavily invested in ensuring a positive search experience for their users, and the current most popular and effective medium to use is video, as a result, Google has invested heavily in         ensuring videos will show up in search.

b. Videos can be highly targeted to a specific niche, and deliver a higher content value than a standard page of website content.

c. Videos provide yet another link resource both too and from your website.

2. Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

In todays economic climate many businesses are looking to distance themselves from their competitors, and one easy method to employ is through website videography.  While the number of websites on the web that have videos is growing at an alarming rate, most business websites have still not adapted to both incorporating website videography, or even responsive, or mobile friendly website design.

3. Make An Impact On Potential Clients

The internet is flooded with websites, and most marketplace niches are exceptionally difficult to provide a memorable impact on potential clients.  Most clients that visit websites with videos are found to remember websites with video, as opposed to those websites that do not have video.

4. Learn About Your Company

It is interesting from a design perspective when clients think of imagery, when they can’t make up their mind, they ask for some type of slider.  When a business chooses to incorporate video into their homepage, it typically involves a bit more though, and as a result, the end product tends to be stronger.

5. Move Your Business Up-Market

Online video has a rich quality about it that impresses potential clients.  Impress your clients today with online videography.