Attorney Bio Resumes Can Be Interesting

A resume bio on a website does not have to be a great piece of literature, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t have a major impact on those who read it. In its strongest form, a bio can provide a wide variety of information about an attorney to potential clients that goes beyond the standard resume-style biography. Don’t settle for a boring bio. Follow these easy tips to add interest to your attorney bio and attract clients.

Why is an interesting bio important?

It can be easy to shrug and dismiss a bio as a necessary evil to be completed as quickly as possible and never thought about again until the next website update. This is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy – if no one puts time or energy into their bios, then, of course, it isn’t worth anyone else’s time to read them.

But there is no reason to settle for mediocre. You want to stand out from the crowd.

A strong bio not only informs potential clients about your specialty and experience but also tells them something about you. It may seem like a big step to add some warmth or even humor to your bio, but the point of a bio is to entice the potential clients who are researching who they want to handle their case. You want your bio to make them want to meet you and learn more. Does the standard boring bio inspire that kind of interest?

Not only that, but you want to relate with your audience. Find a common thread of interest that brings you closer to being relatable with potential clients and you will find your phone ringing.

Beyond the attorney website resume

Most attorney bios are just a resume presented in prose form, but it can be so much more than that. If that’s the only information you want to share, then you should simply post your resume and skip the bio entirely.

You know that clients do not choose an attorney based solely on their resume. Your expertise is, of course, a crucial factor in any decision, but other attorneys have gone to similar schools or worked on similar cases. Some potential clients without much experience with legal proceedings may have difficulty differentiating based solely on facts like those.

Instead, ask yourself: what makes working with you different from any other attorney in your field? What experience will a client have when they choose you to represent them? That is what you need to communicate through your bio. These identifying factors will also be more memorable than another paragraph packed with highly technical details.

Adding personal flavor

One easy way to help make your bio memorable and intriguing is by adding personal details. This is still a professional representation of yourself, so it may not be the right place for favorite TV shows or your fondness for long walks on the beach, but adding a personal flavor to your professional accomplishments can help potential clients get to know you.

Family law attorneys, for example, will have a lot of leeway in how much personal information they want to include in a bio. You want your potential clients to see you as open, engaging, and trustworthy, so you might want to include information about your own family or your involvement in community activities. If you practice in a more conservative field, you can still introduce personal details while remaining professional. You may want to add background information about what drew you to your area of practice or mention a relevant hobby.

Regardless of what specific details you include in your bio, focus on going beyond the facts of your resume. Moving away from a rote presentation of facts allows you to convey more to potential clients about who you are as an attorney. Tone, details, and word choice can all give a client a better idea of what it would be like to work with you.

Roswell Web Agency for Attorneys

Updating old, bland attorney bios is a project that should be undertaken by everyone at your firm. Not only is it to the advantage of each attorney individually, but a consistent, unified voice and tone across the site will strengthen your firm’s brand. Attorney bios do not have to be dry or boring in order to project a “professional” image.

Consider your potential client and what they might want to know about you. Ask yourself what information, whether personal or professional, would help them recognize that you are the right choice to represent them. A more engaging tone makes bios easier and more inviting to read, as well as making a stronger impact on the reader.

If you are having difficulty crafting a vivid personable bio, we are a web and marketing agency in Roswell, Atlanta, and Charlotte with decades of experience helping our clients stand out from the crowd.