FindLaw Alternatives

People most likely to read this post are law firms searching for a website provider. Most law firms use or FindLaw.

The purpose of this post to explain why a Senior Consultant for FindLaw, like me, would choose to establish a marketing firm of my own, located in Roswell, GA.

1. Almost any small business owner can benefit from showing up in searches, and marketing for attorneys online is no different. It is a competitive market. While we could have limited our business to one type of law practice, we choose to work with multiple industries. This decision allows us to learn different techniques and marketing tactics that can be leveraged across industries.

2. Most FindLaw clients have two attorneys and are considered smaller law practices. It is my observation that small companies prefer to work with other small companies who understand the pressures of owning and operating a small business. Thompson Reuters is a Canadian company present in over 100 countries with about 55,000 people working with them. Three Vistas is a smaller web marketing agency that has much more in common with our clients.

3. FindLaw provides services for over 250 law firms in just Atlanta metro alone. How can they make everyone appear when same searches are made? Three Vistas is in the business of collaborating with competing law firms but is highly conscious of making sure their clients still trust them by being open and honest to them. We are very aware of the issues facing small law firms, and we try to eliminate the stress that comes with working with a large marketing company that is working for hundreds of competing companies simultaneously.

FindLaw SEO is not the limit.

4. SEO is not the limit to online success. I learned the value of a search engine ranking during my time as a FindLaw consultant. In marketing, We use a more comprehensive approach at Three Vistas. At the beginning of any project with Three Vistas, we review four important pieces of information: where do clients currently show up in search engine rankings, who are their competitors, what are their competitors doing, and most importantly, which combination of services can increase the success rate of the online marketing program of the law firm. At Three Vistas, we focus on development, design, content, visibility, search, and social interaction of law firms. The expense required and the amount of effort for each element necessary for the client solution is determined by the client. Focusing on SEO as a cornerstone of law firm marketing efforts is not always a great fit for every client. Three Vistas is aware of this, and our goal is to find a client solution that meets each law firm’s specific needs and goals. That is why our services are custom services and no two clients have the same solution.

5. Upgrades are not necessary for online success. FindLaw regularly supplies the marketplace with new solutions for clients. FindLaw clients have varieties of products to purchase from ranging from videos to blogs, social media solutions, and directory submission packages. The availability of new service guarantees the relevance of FindLaw clients in the online market. The approach I use for my clients is different from FindLaw’s “upgrade” method. Every year an assessment and review is done by our team on the online market to check the successes and failures incurred on the previous year in order to get a template for the development of a fresh new custom solution our individual clients. I have faith in the services provided by Three Vistas; still, I’m also aware of the changes that occur in the online market. Google goes through roughly 400 algorithm changes each year, and the same holds true for Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.The best way to meet up with a changing market is to change your marketing solution.

6. Three Vistas is aware that there are other companies that can offer our clients services that can benefit them. We are focused on ensuring client success and we are not afraid to leverage any service providers that we believe could benefit our clients. On multiple occasions, Three Vistas has suggested FindLaw services to our clients, and there are also solutions when we have not needed to leverage outside services.

Legal Marketing Services

If you do decide to use FindLaw or, you can rest assured that they are both excellent companies. But, if you would rather work with a localized marketing firm with custom services, then a firm that provides design and SEO services for lawyers with demonstrated measured success could be your best bet. We would hope that after surveying such firms, you would return to Three Vistas because of the strength and integrity we bring to the table.

If you are looking for a web marketing partner to serve your law firm, look no further than Three Vistas.