By the time your new website launches, you’ve probably poured a considerable amount of time, creative energy and money into it. It finally looks just as you’ve envisioned, and you’re sure that the moment it goes live the phone will start ringing off the hook.

Unfortunately, the leap between getting visitors to your beautiful, shiny new website and getting actual phone calls can be a big one. Motivating people to call your law firm requires a little more than putting your phone number on the “contact us” page.

There are several things you can do to help bridge the gap between clicking on your site and picking up the phone:

Make your number No. 1. It may seem obvious, but the best and easiest step you can take to get people to start calling is make your phone number as noticeable as possible. It’s surprising how often this simple strategy is overlooked. Put your phone number at the top of each and every page of your website, not just on the home page and “contact us” page. You never know which page of your site will grab visitors’ attention, and once they’re interested and ready to act, the last thing you want is their having to hunt around the entire site to find your number; the extra steps may cause them to lose momentum. Also, make sure your number is in an eye-catching color and font that will jump out at visitors the second they’re ready to start dialing. Finally, make sure your site is optimized for smart phones to enable click-to-call functionality, making calling you as easy as possible.

Give good direction. While keeping your phone number visible is crucial, you certainly can’t stop there. Guide website viewers in their next steps by letting them know exactly what those next steps should be. Will they be scheduling a free consultation with you? Are there any online forms that would be helpful for them to complete before meeting you in person? Do you have free information that can be downloaded from your site? A clear call to action that lets potential customers know exactly what to do next and what they’ll be getting will increase the chances that they will communicate with you directly.

Hold up your end of the deal. Just as important—if not more important—as getting people to call you is making sure they get the response they’re expecting once they do. Failing to call potential customers back in a timely manner or making them jump through confusing hoops to get to you will send them running to the competition and possibly telling others about their disappointment. Ensure that your call response system is efficient and reliable, and that you have a solid plan in place for dealing with all those phone calls you hope will come flooding in.

Show what makes you youIf your website is an accurate reflection of you and the unique work you do, it will prompt the right potential customers to contact you quickly. Your site should allow for your target market to connect with you and understand fully what you can offer them. Let them know exactly how you’ve helped others and what makes your approach and experience singular.

Be as clear, authentic and open about all the qualities and action that only you can bring, and visitors who are a fit with your services will be eager to start talking to you.