How important is website design?


Which hotel would you prefer to visit?

Hotel Meets Great Website Design

Neither of these photos were taken by Three Vistas. They are shown for example only.

We can easily embrace the character that days-gone-by have given us (and the stylistic trends that have come and gone with them), but the retro motel is old and in disrepair. It has been so long since it was apparently updated, the average traveler would not know what to expect, and would probably feel uncomfortable in a place so outdated.

The other hotel is modern and sleek. It is up-to-date and is comfortable by modern standards. The average traveler would walk into this lobby and immediately feel comfortable, possibly even sitting in the chair to relax after a long day of travel.

Which hotel would you like your website to feel like? Out of date with an old color scheme and awkward navigation? Or would you rather have a website that is clear, concise and modern with easy-to-understand navigation?


Your Website is a Front Door

Your website is the symbolic front door to your business. It conveys the tone you want your business to have to the entire world. It is, in essence, your international front lobby.

What tone do you want to present to potential clients? Should it feel rich and luxurious? Clean and simple? Fun and colorful? Each scheme has the purpose of attracting your perfect client.

Whatever scheme you believe best fits your business, it most likely does not include words like out-of-date, tired, or awkward. If there are any places on your website that feel that way, you need help with website design.

We can help you with website design much the same way an interior designer would help an old motel get a facelift. Paint, new furniture, and a fresh layout can help an old motel lobby immensely. We, as web designers, have a similar toolset. It just happens that our set of tools are digital and the entire world can see the end result.

And that end result will help your business image. Your business image can go from “those guys stuck in the 90s” to “that company with the sleek and helpful website.” We can help you get there.

Not only will updated website design help your business image, but it could even bring in revenue or a larger percentage of conversions (goal-oriented outcomes) just because your website is more user-friendly.

Make sales, conversions and prequalify customers

Imagine if your favorite sporting team had a website where they sold tickets to games.

If that website was out of date, slow to use, and difficult to navigate, would you spend your time to learn how to purchase tickets on an old system? Old systems are not typically user-friendly, remember. There is a reason we update to newer systems. You would probably wait and purchase your tickets at the gate. There would be less risk committing financially to a system you are unsure could deliver the product or service you want.

And the sporting venue would miss out on a sale if you were unable to make it to the game you planned on visiting since you hadn’t purchased your tickets yet. Possibly even multiple sales if you are the fan that likes a drink and snack while watching the game.

Next, imagine if you went to the same website again, but it was recently updated with a sleek design and a new layout. You would probably navigate quickly to purchase your tickets with a secure checkout and might even spend a few minutes on that website to see what the latest updates are for the team or even to find parking rates for the visit.

Now, as a consumer, you will be more committed to go to the game knowing you have already spent the money for the ticket. This means the sporting venue will already have one sale made, and a higher conversion rate to make sales on your likely visit. Not only that, but the consumer of the is already prequalified for parking fees and ready to champion the team (or business).

Which sporting venue website do you want to have?

You want to welcome your potential clients and customers into your business, whether brick and mortar and/or online. You want easy sales, prequalified customers, and high conversion rates. An out-of-date website cannot give you those, but an updated and well-designed website can.

If you need an entire website overhaul or just a few different areas of your website updated or enhanced, we can take care of it. Our designs are fresh, crisp, user-friendly, intuitive, visually appealing, with every component designed to produce results.

If you are ready to invest in a web presence that has a strategic goal of meeting your needs and producing results, Three Vistas is here for you!