Our time-trusted process begins with listening.  By listening to you so we can assess your needs first, we can then design unique and targeted solutions.


 We ask lots of questions!

What are your needs? Vision? Goals? What methods are you comfortable with? How do you see your company positioned in the market? What is your budget? What have you done in the past? How did your past marketing plan work out for you? Who on your leadership team do we need to interact with on this project? What are the chances for the Dawgs this year?

Only by asking questions, can we determine what you need. When we approach this meeting, we don’t come into it with preconceived notions. We let your answers drive our thinking.

We prefer to ask these questions to a large group of your leadership team to see what different responses we might get. We sometimes find, the CEO might not have the same impression of where his company’s weaknesses or strengths are as some of his other leaders. The Three Vistas team has decades of experience in this process and will facilitate that meeting so we can get answers that help us know what to do next.

Remember, our goal is to listen to you to identify your needs, goals, and vision. Only then do we design a plan that answers your needs, exceeds your goals and helps your reach your vision. This is the first step in a process we have dubbed the D ProcessTM. Trust the Three Vistas experts to guide you thru this process and make it effective.

If you’ve never participated in a strategic consulting relationship where you were listened to, you are in for a shock!