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What does web hacking mean to you?

Last week we chatted about the recent hack on Dyn, a Domain Name Server, that brought down many high-profile companies in the US and Europe. We explained how the attack worked from a slightly technical standpoint, but today, we are going to explain what that attack means for you and your web hosting.

First of all, hacking is becoming increasingly more sophisticated in recent years. As more of our world shifts from brick and mortar to online business, we are also becoming more vulnerable to hacking attacks. The result is that the attacks are having (at least) twice the impact.

Think about it, when is the last time you did personal banking inside a bank?

One of a business owner’s worst nightmares is waking up to a hacked website, either full of inappropriate ads or worse, blacklisted.

Here is what you need to keep your website secure

This can happen because of a number of reasons, but staying up to date on security updates for your website can be a first step to protecting your website.

Not only are regular updates important, but the framework of your web host will have a direct impact on the speed and security of your website.

But, we know you are busy and most likely, aren’t watching to make sure all the plugins and themes of your website are up to date or that your web host platform is fast and secure enough for your needs.

You might not even know where to start to accomplish those tasks.

Don’t worry. We take care of it for you.

A different kind of web hosting

Our hosting package is different than our competitors. We are focused on the security of your website and your peace of mind.

You might notice that our hosting is sometimes priced higher than most other hosting providers. Why? Well, we have a pretty extensive list of the benefits and features we offer.

Our owner, Sam Chontos, compiled a list of some of the most important aspects of what Three Vistas offers in terms of web hosting.

1. We manually update each WordPress installation when WordPress is updated.
2. We run the most robust and secure server environment for WordPress offered.
3. If a plugin is discovered to have a security flaw, we will notify our client of plugin options and then revert to a more secure plugin.
4. There are no email access ports on our server, thus making it exceptionally robust and impossible to become blacklisted due to spam.
5. This is a dedicated server environment. We manage all of the sites on the server, and as such we are able to quickly resolve any issues (we have had none in over 2 years while hosting 100 websites).
6. Speed, our server is optimized to deliver the fastest speeds available for WordPress, no other server is faster than ours when completing an apples to apples comparison.
7. Customer service. Is there a problem with your website? A quick text to me will provide resolution. We offer 24×7 support (I do sleep, but if needed can issue a trouble ticket to my hosting team which actually does not sleep.)
8. Lastly, I have done it wrong in the past, and have spent years and thousands of dollars seeking out the best hosting for our clients. Godaddy is great until there is a problem and then the level of support that is offered is limited and often times will not point towards resolution.

In the event you choose to host elsewhere, my team and I are limited in the support that we are able to offer if you encounter an issue. These limitations often times, unfortunately, lead to charges to the client and the inevitable migration towards our hosting plan.

Wow. What other web hosting company can you text the owner and receive 24/7 support? Add that level of customer service to a high-quality hosting platform and you’ve got an amazing hosting setup for your website.

What our website hosting clients are saying

We have recently seen testimonials coming in from all sorts of our clients raving about the customer service they have received with Three Vistas.

One such customer had a problem with his website designer and web host just last month. In short, they had an issue that lasted roughly 3 weeks with their previous designer & host, but the issues were resolved within two days after working with Three Vistas.

what you really need to know about web hosting

We know you are busy so we strive to take care of some of the necessary details that relate to running a business (like your website and branding). We are proud to serve our clients with excellence using high-quality services.