Law Firm Marketing

You’ve browsed a few articles. Maybe perused a few case studies. And now there’s one big question at the forefront of your mind: why should I hire Three Vistas for my firm’s website? It’s a good question; your website is often your firm’s first impression, the handshake that you offer to potential clients searching for advice and representation. You have to choose someone you can trust to partner with you on such an important project. With Three Vistas, you get the expertise of a team who has worked with Fortune 500 legal marketing company, but the personal attention of an agency that has dedicated itself to small law firms.

Legal Marketing

At Three Vistas, we understand small law firms. We’ve been working with them for decades, after all. We understand the dynamics in your firm, and we know what’s important to you. Our process is focused on you – your firm is unique, with your own audience, goals, and budget. The “one size fits all,” assembly line approach that the law marketing conglomerates takes wasn’t built for you. When you work with us, we start with you. We want to know what you think, what you want to accomplish. And when we develop a strategy and start moving forward, you’ll be right there with us every step of the way. Not only do we understand law firms, we understand law. Our founder owns another company focusing exclusively on case strategy, giving our team unique experience and insight into the field of law.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

We’re proud to offer open, honest, and clear communication. You don’t have to worry about ignoring the man behind the curtain when you work with Three Vistas – we prefer to do away with the curtains and facilitate a collaborative relationship between your team and ours. We know legal marketing, but you know your firm better than anyone else. It takes both teams coming together to achieve your goals. Our process starts not just with talking, but with listening. We want to hear what your team thinks, what goals you’re looking to achieve, how you’ve gotten to where you are now and where you dream of going next. And the listening doesn’t stop after the strategy is in place. Throughout the design and development process, we’ll continue to maintain open communication with your senior leadership team to make sure that we’re all on the right track together.

Attorney Website Design

Many design agencies promise a beautiful attorney website design, but the most attractive website in the world isn’t worth much if it doesn’t drive business for your firm. When we create a strategy for you, great design is certainly a big part of it. But every piece of the strategy is built around results. Your marketing strategy should be more than a roadmap – the strategy we make for you is more like a model, a 3-dimensional representation of your marketing future with an approach considered from every angle. From photography to blog content to site design, each piece of your website needs to work seamlessly together toward furthering your marketing goals. We keep all of those elements in mind when building a strategy that will really work for you.

“Budget” can feel like a four letter word in the agency world, but you don’t have to dance around it when you work with Three Vistas. We understand that for a small firm, your budget isn’t some imaginary guideline, but a very solid reality for you. That’s why we offer a flexible billing structure; we respect that you need a partner who can work with you to make sure you get everything you need for your website in a form you can afford.

Marketing for Attorneys

So, why should you hire Three Vistas for your attorney website? Because we’re ready to join your team, combining our decades of experience with your institutional knowledge to create a results-focused strategy that will lead to a website that helps you achieve your goals. We want to help you take the next step.