Social Media Integration Services in Roswell

The success of Angie’s List and other evaluation themed sites is based on the basic premise that we can trust our neighbors to give us their honest opinion.

The fastest route during rush hour, best steak in town, or the name of a quality plumber is important. Is there really a dry cleaner that won’t destroy my ties? Which contractor will do the job on time and on budget? Which restaurant is best?

Word of mouth used to mean the community gathering at the general store, church, or sporting events and discussing local issues. Today, it means social media.

Most Fortune 500 companies have a team that monitors their references on social media. Just tweet something negative about your customer service experience and either hashtag (#) the large company or include them in a direct tweet and see how fast you get a response. Some of this is done with computers and robots, but it reflects where our society is today.

You probably are aware of Facebook. And YouTube. Maybe even Twitter or LinkedIn. But don’t forget: Blab, Digg, Ello, Flickr, Friendster, Google+, hi5, HootSuite, Hyper, iTunes, Instagram, Meerkat, Ning, Periscope, Picasa, Pinterest, Plaxo, Reddit, Shots, SlideShare, Tumblr, Vimeo, Wanelo, Wikipedia, Xing, and Yelp are just a few others. Each has millions of users.

How do you know where to be involved? By knowing your target audience and where you can best speak to them in a manner they want to be spoken to. Once you know that, how can the average small business or even medium sized company impact those on a daily basis? By putting the Three Vistas team of experts in charge.

We design a complete and exhaustive marketing and branding strategy that includes social media integration and how to best reach your target audience. If your last post was to a MySpace page, you are out of “the know.” Trust our team to provide the expertise and understanding to today’s social media marketplace and how to best position you for success. That frees you up to do what you do best.

We have the solutions that create results. Put Three Vistas to work for you today!