Picture this: two people in suits shaking hands and smiling. A friendly woman wearing a headset. People around a conference table sharing a good laugh over pie charts. Do you feel like these images tell you anything about the businesses they might represent? Stock images like these have become so widely used across businesses in all industries that they have become a cliche, devoid of any meaning they once held. We know you strive for excellence in every aspect of your business. The photography that represents your company should be held to the same high standards.

Why You Need Custom Stock Photography

We understand that the sterile, generic photography of the past is no longer enough to catch the interest of your customers. Today’s consumer is more savvy than ever to the marketing tricks and shortcuts that worked in the past. Now you need photos that are representative of your company; photos that speak to your values, your mission, and your staff. In today’s market, telling your brand story is key. Customers expect to see genuine personality coming through in every aspect of your brand, from your social media accounts to, yes, the photography you use. You provide the story. We’ll help you get the photography to match.

Custom Stock Photography Can Enhance Your Brand

Trying a new direction can be daunting, but even more traditional businesses can benefit from giving a little more room for creativity. Don’t feel like showing “personality” has to mean photos of ping-pong tables in the office if your company is on the traditional side; the purpose of these photos is to give an authentic look at your business to help further your brand story, not to pose as anything else.

There are many simple ways that we can help loosen up your image without compromising the professionalism you want to communicate. For example, instead of having all of your employee headshots taken using the same standard three-quarter profile pose, give some leeway for more natural poses or self expression. We can make sure through backdrop, framing, and style that all the headshots work to form a cohesive whole without the over-staged “school yearbook” feeling.

Workplace Photography

Team photos are another common need in corporate photography. These group photos are an opportunity to give your customers a look at your company’s story and culture; however, formal photo sessions tend to make people nervous, causing them to tense up in the photos.

Instead of a traditional photo lined up near your company’s sign, why not try some pictures taken in your actual workspace or even at a staff outing? Unless you have a specific dress code or uniform, asking your staff to all dress alike is likely to come off more stiff. When staff are more relaxed and more comfortable, there’s no question that you get better photos. We’re here to help everyone on your team feel comfortable and look their best.

Photography for Corporate Events

When your company has invested time and money in an event, don’t you want a visual record of the occasion? Conferences, client parties and fundraisers are all events that reflect what your company cares about, the way that you do business. You will be able to use these photos in recaps for the year, promotion of future events, and, of course, as a great reason to reach out to your attendees after the event is complete.

It takes special expertise to capture a corporate event in a comprehensive yet unobtrusive way. Experience taking high quality photos in low light conditions is key, and you will need a professional who can blend in with the rest of your guests. The best photographer is one who seems to be everywhere yet draws no attention. From the action shots of speakers and presenters to candid looks at guests mixing and mingling, we know the photography you will need to tell the story of your event.

Whatever brand story you want to tell, we are here to get you the imagery you need to support it. A cohesive library of high quality, professional photos makes a huge difference in your ability to represent your company and your brand. Your website, marketing materials, and social media channels will all be enhanced by this photography. Let us help you take this next step in your business’s brand journey.