As more and more networking and business move online, a great professional headshot is key to making a strong first impression. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile or a biography on your company’s site, many peers, customers and even potential future employers will get to know you first through your headshot.

Research indicates that people make a decision about someone new within the first second of meeting them – and they are unlikely to change it. Does the photo you’re using now make the impression you want to make when people virtually “meet” you? Put your best foot forward with a high-quality, professional headshot.

Headshot Photography Enhances Your Personal Brand

What is your personal brand? You might be tempted to say “I don’t have one” – if you don’t think you have a personal brand, you just haven’t taken control of yours. Personal branding at its core is another version of reputation management, and we all know crucial your professional reputation is when conducting business. You know that you wouldn’t want professional connections to get to know you and your qualifications based on the secondhand information of a neighbor you don’t know that well; taking control of your personal brand online allows you to control your own story, and your headshot is a huge part of that.

Don’t Let A Bad Headshot Hold You Back

A substandard or outmoded headshot can hold you back in a number of ways. If the photo itself is low resolution or you’re rocking a hairstyle that isn’t quite the current trend, you could seem out of date. And even if the headshot doesn’t start to show its age after a few years, we have all had the awkward surprise of meeting someone in person that makes you think, “When did they last get their headshot taken?”

But even a modern photo could hold you back if doesn’t show you off to your best advantage. It might be a tight, awkward smile or panicked “deer in the headlights” eyes – when you don’t feel good taking a photo, odds are good that you won’t like the end result either.

Professional Headshot Photography Helps You Look Your Best

Getting a professional headshot taken shouldn’t be like being run through the assembly line process of school picture day. Forget rogue cowlicks, askew collars, and the camera flash glinting off of braces. We’re here to work with you to take photos that make you feel like your best self. When you don’t model on a regular basis, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident with your photographer. The best portfolio in the world means nothing if you are tense throughout the shoot, resulting in photos that might be technically well done but won’t make you happy in the long term. We’re here to make sure you feel good through the entire photo process, from consultation to shoot to receiving your final images.

Look Your Best With Professional Headshot Photography

Many people worry about not being “photogenic” when getting professional headshots taken, but photographers know the secret to looking great on camera: confidence. Anyone is capable of taking great photos; as your photographer, we’re here to help you relax and coach you to get the shots you need to take your headshots to the next level.

What do you want your headshot to say about you? Maybe “Trust me, I’m an expert” or “I’m laidback and easy to work with.” They say a photo is worth a thousand words – wouldn’t it be great if everyone you hope to connect with professionally read a thousand words about you before meeting you? For now, a great headshot is about as close as you can get.

What Story Does Your Headshot Tell?

A headshot that communicates your personality and professional style works to support the story you are telling about your professional life. If you put time and energy into creating a sleek, streamlined online portfolio that shows off how cutting edge and innovative you are, a stern, stuffy headshot will strike a dissonant chord. In the same way, a photo of you laughing and carefree would seem odd in contrast with examples of your experience in conservative business sectors.

In a digital world, your best tool for making a strong first impression is a current, high-quality professional headshot that ties in with your personal branding. We’d love the opportunity to help you take a headshot that not only makes you look your best but also feels like you.