Social Media for Law Firms

In today’s world, the ubiquitous presence of social media can easily be overwhelming. Commentary in the form of tweets appear during television shows, and being popular on Youtube can be a full-time job. Every business, it seems, is on social media, and law firms are no different. But with limited time and resources, it can be difficult to figure out where to start or how to maintain a social media presence that will be relevant and effective. These easy tips will have you posting like a social media marketing pro in no time.

Consider current events for social media topics

Social media moves so fast, users are always buzzing about the next big thing. If a current event or piece of pop culture could be connected to your practice, give it a shot! The practice of trying to increase visibility by injecting your brand into a larger story is sometimes known as “newsjacking.” A lot of social media “noise” surrounds big ticket events, like the Oscars or the Super Bowl, but there is also the possibility for big rewards! If you are trying to interact with an event on this scale, make sure to see if there is a specific hashtag associated with the event so that users following it can find your posts.

Curate and share

It is always in your best interest to provide useful content and make your audience view you and your firm as a resource – and you definitely do not need to create all that content yourself. You keep up to date on important news and trends in your niche, and you can make your own professional improvement do double duty when you then share those articles or trends on your social media channels. Next time you send an article to a client or colleague, post it on Twitter as well. Changes in your field of law, announcements from the law school of an associate or partner, and relevant blog posts are all useful information worth posting.

Show behind-the-scenes

At its root, great content creation is all about stories. Today’s consumer is particularly interested in stories about the people behind a business, so share a sneak peek. Share firm celebrations, events, and milestones on social media and let your audience get a sense of the culture and philosophy of the firm. A photo of a staff picnic or the anniversary of a long-time member of the firm is a great way to connect on a human level in a way that would not have been possible before the days of social media.

Show off your attorneys

As mentioned above, sharing a human element is a powerful way to distinguish your firm and your brand on social media. When you highlight the accomplishments and accolades of your attorneys, you not only provide that personal touch but also showcase the expertise the talented individuals at your firm can offer. Make sure to share any articles firm members write for newsletters or publications, and publicly congratulate any attorneys who receive legal awards or are invited to speak at a Continuing Legal Education.

Interact with your followers

Social media is, as the name implies, social. If you ignore the comments of your visitors, you lose the opportunity to convert them into clients. Studies show that when users see unanswered questions on a brand’s Facebook page, it makes them less likely to reach out to the brand themselves. Companies no longer control when and how customers contact them; now, the customers decide how they want to contact you, and if you do not respond, they will move on. You want all of your followers to receive the courteous, timely customer service they would receive as a client whenever they reach out.

Stick to your specialty

Do not feel like you need to offer content outside your niche when you start posting on social media. Not only is it in your best interest to focus on what you do best, customers on social media like to know what to expect when they follow a new account. If they have followed you or sought you out, it is because they are interested in what you have to share. Unless you can closely tie a separate topic in with your business, it is usually best to keep a tight focus on your niche.

Social media does not have to be overwhelming or difficult. You may not even realize all the resources you already have at your disposal. Start considering how this content can be part of a social media strategy for your law firm.