Social Media Strategy for Law Firms

By | April 20th, 2017|Marketing Strategy, Social Media|

Social Media for Law Firms In today’s world, the ubiquitous presence of social media can easily be overwhelming. Commentary in the form of tweets appear during television shows, and being popular on Youtube can be a full-time job. Every business, [...]

How To Use Facebook For Lawyers

By | March 23rd, 2017|Content Creation, Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

How To Use Facebook For Lead Generation Today there are more ways than ever to reach out to consumers, but that accessibility can be both a blessing and a curse. You have the opportunity to reach new clients and connect [...]

5 Tips to Convert More Leads With Connections

By | March 14th, 2017|Content Creation, Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

Get More Clients With A Personal Connection More often than we would like to admit, people make decisions based primarily on emotion. Research and logic plays into it, of course, but there is a reason that first impressions are so [...]

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story

By | March 7th, 2017|Content Creation, Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Website Design|

How to Use Storytelling for Powerful Branding The word “storytelling” is often one that trips up business owners. It summons up imagery of fiction or fairy tales -- what does that have to do with a company? A brand story [...]

How to find new law clients online

By | February 1st, 2017|Attorney Website Design, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization|

How to find new law clients online From banking to groceries, today people can and do find anything they need on the internet. The search for a lawyer is no exception. The length of time the average person spends on [...]

Innovative Marketing Ideas in 2017

By | January 19th, 2017|Design, Drone Videography, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Photography, Videography|

Innovative Marketing Ideas in 2017 Sleek. Shiny. Classic. Few things can conjure up the spirit of adventure and the freedom of letting the open road lead the way like an Airstream trailer. A vintage Airstream is a true slice of [...]

9 Steps to Get a Higher Avvo Rating

By | January 2nd, 2017|Market Implementation, Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

If you are an attorney, you have probably heard about Avvo. Avvo is an online directory website for attorneys and law firms where potential clients can go to find an attorney to match their needs. Avvo uses a complex algorithm [...]

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

By | January 2nd, 2017|Market Implementation, Marketing, Marketing Strategy|

How to get more online reviews for your law firm. You need online reviews for your law firm. Period. The most trusted form of advertising is by a personal recommendation. So, the anchor of your marketing strategy is to create [...]

Marketing to New Law Clients in 2017

By | December 21st, 2016|Attorney Videography, Attorney Website Design, Marketing Strategy, Website Design|

Marketing to new law clients in 2017 This the year you want to implement a powerful marketing strategy to get new legal clients. The online market for law firms is getting more saturated as small and mid-size marketing firms are [...]

FindLaw Alternatives

By | December 21st, 2016|Attorney Website Design, Market Implementation, Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design|

FindLaw Alternatives People most likely to read this post are law firms searching for a website provider. Most law firms use or FindLaw. The purpose of this post to explain why a Senior Consultant for FindLaw, like me, would [...]

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