How To Get More Leads From Your Website

In the past, it was enough for your website to serve as an electronic brochure of your firm’s services. It may have been visually appealing, but for the most part, it was inert. Today you can make your website work harder for you than ever by helping you get more leads from your website using lead nurturing tactics to bring in potential clients.

A lead-nurturing website will draw the attention of potential clients, then continue to engage the prospects and identify those that are qualified leads by using a CRM and advanced analytics software. However, once the technical requirements are in place, how do you get more leads? Use these strategies to attract and nurture more leads through your firm’s website.

Generate leads with related content

On a lead-nurturing website, it is crucial to keep visitors engaged with your site content. A qualified lead will continue to interact with your content, but you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Take inspiration from media websites like the New York Times or new media like Buzzfeed – these sites are carefully engineered to keep visitors engaged, and one of the most powerful tactics is teasing similar content at the end of each article. Never let your visitor come to a “dead end” – there should always be another useful piece you can recommend to them.

Calls to Action & Lead-Gen Forms

Instead of depending on visitors to reach out to you, a lead-nurturing website continually offers calls for them to interact. From newsletter sign-ups to requests for information, integrating these opportunities throughout your site allows your visitors to get more information about you and, more importantly, for you to get more information about them. Once a prospect fills out one of these forms, you will be able to track them by name as they continue to explore your website. This means that your lead tracking software will be able to track what else they interact with and identify the high-value leads.

What is walled content?

One highly successful tactic for lead generation is “walled content.” Many publications put a certain amount of content on their website for free, but keep longer articles behind a “paywall,” requiring users to register and pay for a subscription to read it. You can use the same basic concept in order to collect more leads. Create a quality, in-depth piece of content like a report or whitepaper and require visitors to enter their email in order to access the full piece. Prospects who are willing to take that next step above simply browsing content on the website are likely to be qualified leads.

Integrated blogs

For a time it was standard practice to create a blog separate from your firm’s main website to house content. This model was known as “hub and spoke,” with your main website serving as the hub and blogs or other sites extending from it. Today, the hub and spoke model is uncommon and old-fashioned; this practice is not advisable if you’re hoping to nurture leads through your site. Visitors find it jarring to be moved from site to site, especially if they don’t expect to go to a different site when they click a link, so asking them to click back and forth to access your content is likely to negatively impact engagement. Instead, integrate your content into the rest of your website for a single, cohesive experience.

More high-quality content

As you may have noticed, all of these tips relate to the content on your website – how to encourage visitors to engage with it, where to post it, how to provide more of it to prospects. As they say in the marketing world, content is king. At its core, lead generation is about engagement, and the best way to keep your prospects engaged with your site is quality content. Visitors are looking for fresh, new content. They’re looking for insightful, informative posts that will help answer their questions and provide guidance on their legal troubles. Compelling content is what will attract visitors to your site in the first place, and what will keep them exploring and entice them to reach out for more information.

Roswell Web Agency

The modern website is so much more than a digital brochure. By investing in producing quality content for your firm’s site, you can build a lead-nurturing platform that will continuously work for you. Setting up the analytics and tracking software necessary for advanced lead generation and lead nurturing can be a big task, but the ability to track visitors through your site by name and automatically identify and reach out to qualified leads will take your firm’s digital marketing to a whole new level.

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