Law Firm Marketing and Tag Lines

Does your firm have a tagline? More importantly, are you proud of it? Does it resonate with you? Many law firms feel stuck with a generic tagline that does not feel unique or true to the firm’s overall brand. If a tagline does not speak to you, don’t force it. Instead of focusing on finding a single short phrase to describe your firm, spend your time and energies, allow your content, both written and visual, to speak for itself in branding your firm.

The trouble with taglines

A great tagline succinctly expresses a message that both summarizes your firm and differentiates it from any other firm offering similar services. This is a tall order, and unsurprisingly, many of the taglines that firms are using today do not live up to either goal. For a large firm, this is an especially difficult task. Trying to craft a declarative statement that can apply dozens of attorneys across many fields and perhaps even multiple locations without letting it become completely generic is nigh impossible.

Before coming up with a tagline, you need to have a strong concept of what message you want to express. For many firms, this strategic decision can be a struggle. It requires taking a hard look at the firm and identifying the distinguishing factors that are true across your entire organization. When you are first becoming serious about branding, it’s a question that goes beyond the marketing team. This “big idea” about your firm should easily stretch beyond a tagline and become part of your content, graphics, design, and more. We can help you to hone in on this “big idea” to create a powerful law firm marketing strategy.

Brand your firm with design

A well-crafted site design can say more about your firm than a pat tagline ever could. Today’s trends toward modern, minimalist design and a focus on high-quality graphics make it easy for a firm to present a clean yet elegant image online. Instead of giving prime digital real estate to a tagline you aren’t sure you’re really happy with, you could use your homepage to feature content that will tell visitors more about your firm and really speak to that overall brand message. You might create a firm newsfeed to showcase important cases and victories, putting the focus on your experience. If you practice family law, you may use custom photography of your attorneys with clients to showcase the caring, trustworthy service they will get when they work with your firm.

Brand your firm with content

You have probably heard the phrase “content is king.” This is true in more than one way; content is a great way to boost SEO and draw visitors to your site, but it also can make a major contribution to your firm’s branding. Instead of including the word “resourceful” in your tagline, use articles and blog posts to illustrate examples of times your attorneys have demonstrated that resourcefulness. Every piece of content on your website is an opportunity to express your firm’s message, with significantly more words than you could ever fit in a tagline. Real stories and examples make a big impact on potential clients, and you can focus the voice and tone of your content to align with your brand. You may use a more traditional, formal tone to demonstrate trustworthiness and expertise to corporate clients. For family law, you may use a friendly, conversational tone to help set potential clients at ease.

Testimonials are powerful

Another powerful piece of content you should not forget is the testimonial. The statements your clients give about working with your firm can serve as evidence to support your messaging. When you receive a strong testimonial that aligns with your firm’s branding, make sure to use it. Many firms let all their testimonials sit, stagnant, on a testimonials page. Try incorporating these recommendations throughout your site; you may feature one or two on your homepage or include them in the sidebar alongside related articles.

We can help your law firm stand out

Creating a tagline that distinguishes your firm with real meaning is a daunting task. Even if you have an excellent tagline, your messaging and branding should be fully integrated throughout your site. Instead of spending your energy on creating the headline, set that struggle aside in favor of making sure the rest of your site is strongly branded. Focus on creating a clean, modern site design that reflects well on your firm and content that speaks to your brand. You can say much more through these avenues than with a tagline that is generic or empty.