Website Videography Services

Three Vistas offers an extensive array of professional videography services to all types of businesses located throughout Roswell, Atlanta, Georgia and the entire Southeast.  If you are in need of a video for your website, or would like to take your brand to the next level by incorporating the use of a Drone Video, look no further than Three Vistas.  In 2006 video first began to make a splash in online advertising, with numerous attorneys and other businesses gradually videoing themselves to ensure they did not miss the latest marketing tactic.  Over time video has significantly transformed the way we view content and data on the web, and on websites in general.  Newer websites have ditched the introduction talking head video, and those videos have been replaced with sleek informative videos which are much more creative and intuitive.

Custom Videographer

The founder of Three Vistas (Sam Chontos) has been highly engaged with website videography work since 2007, and has worked with numerous lawyers and businesses alike to ensure their online brand is relevant.  With an excellent team of videographers and a variety of tactics and techniques to employ, Three Vistas is ready to take your website to the next level with custom videography production.

From Time Lapse to Drone Video Production

The only constant with technology is that it will change, and videography is no different.  Over the years, we have faced various questions regarding time lapse video, slow motion videos, aerial drone videography, and various types of events videography services.  The team at Three Vistas has all of the technology that is needed for your videography needs.  To make things easier, Three Vistas ensures a full service solution, which helps to eliminate finger pointing and various problems throughout the production, and video delivery cycle.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Three Vistas today to learn how to take your website and online marketing efforts to the next level by incorporating custom videography services.



Three Vistas provides Custom Aerial Photography and the tool that has allowed us to do that in a cost-efficient manner is the availability of drones. Drone Videography isn’t as new as some imagine, it’s just getting more buzz today as drones have become more affordable. When the Three Vistas team began using drones almost 5 years ago, very few were available. Today, we have perfected the use of drones as our Custom Aerial Photography tool.

Imagine seeing your building in a flyover on your website! Then picture video quality that allows the potential customer to see the logo on the building and the names on the parking spots. But that’s just the beginning of what we can do with our fleet of drones. We have drones with camera resolution that can produce incredibly detailed images and very high resolution videos.

One of the changes we are seeing is more video on websites. We have stock footage available but wouldn’t you rather have a custom video that shows your company and lets your potential customer see what you do best?

We will design a video (or several videos) that establish you as the leader in your industry and provide very compelling reasons for the potential customer to hire you rather than your competitors. From designing the shots, to writing the script, to creating the graphics, the Three Vistas team will produce videography that is innovative, interesting and influential. When we produce a video, it will create interest and, more importantly, place you in the minds of potential customers as the best solution for their needs.

You may already have an idea of what you type of videography you would need. But our strategic process will help define what videography will make the most impact on your target audience. Then our creative experts will get to work writing scripts, designing shots and creating graphics that will drive customers to you.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some video projects we have been involved in:

  • Aerial Views of Factories, Plants, and Corporate HQ
  • Customer Testimonials
  • “Day In The Life” Videos
  • Educational
  • Environmental Scenes of Rivers, Coastline, and Forest
  • Project Development (from start to finish)


This is a starting point. There are lots more possibilities to consider. Contact Three Vistas today and let us begin to produce high quality videos that will generate results for you!