Drone Videography for Marketing in Roswell

Drone Videographer Atlanta

With the advent of unmanned drone technology, it’s easier than ever to get dynamic videos and photos of places and events. The size and maneuverability of unmanned drones allows people to obtain creative aerial shots that would previously have been impossible with traditional technologies such as planes, helicopters and camera cranes.

Three Vistas now offers safe drone videography at an affordable price. Our fleet of cutting-edge drones can provide video services for commercial real estate projects and accident reconstruction, but the options don’t end there.

Drone For Commercial Real Estate Projects

Imagine the front page of your website with a beautiful aerial video of your business or construction project, all the way from the skyline down to the logos on the buildings and the names on the parking spots. Drone photography and videography is outstanding for showing off your commercial construction and real estate projects. A drone’s ability to capture sweeping, 360-degree shots is perfect for showing a sense of size and depth, while its ability to move in close to a subject allows for detailed close-ups of land, structures and even people.

Do you want an all-encompassing, stylish promo video for your business, office or neighborhood? Do you need a detailed view of your mixed-use construction project, showcasing your progress? We can give you both and more.

The Use Of Drones For Accident Reconstruction

If you’re an attorney, you already know the value of tools that can aid in re-creating the scene of a traffic accident. While security cameras and mapping services such as Google Maps and Google Street View can be valuable, they are limited in terms what they can show. The mobility of our unmanned drones allows for videos and photos from angles previously unheard of with traditional video technologies. Forget hiring a helicopter or ladder truck; our unmanned drones can provide detailed 360-views of almost any outdoor location at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re trying to understand the layout of an intersection or capture the flow of traffic at a roundabout, our drone services can obtain the footage you need to fully research your case.

Additionally, the technology we use to capture videos is top notch. While we began our drone videography service using a DJI Phantom, we have recently upgraded to the DJI Inspire 1. This cutting-edge aircraft records video in stunning 4K Ultra HD, which provides four times the resolution of a standard HD video. This allows for brilliant clarity, color and detail. The unit can even record video of objects over a mile away, which is extremely helpful when you need to capture an object or location that you can’t get near.

Finally, our drone operators have years of experience and are well-versed in the applicable laws and regulations regarding their use. The DJI Inspire 1 currently sells for $2,800. Why buy an expensive unit, which you will have to learn to operate? Why take on the potential liability of operating a drone near buildings, vehicles and people? Our operators can do the job for a fraction of the cost.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Three Vistas today, and learn how to take your marketing or research to the next level with our drone videography services.